Long-Term Summerland Condo Rentals

Summerland is aptly named for its perpetual summertime vibe. This Southern California coastal haven is only 10 minutes away from Santa Barbara but will make you instantly feel like you’re stepping into an entirely different world. Stretching along the blue waters of the Pacific Ocean, the seaside community is home to some of California’s most striking white-sand beaches and picturesque views. If you wish to get away from the hustle and bustle of a bigger city, this will provide the escape you’re searching for.

Long-term Summerland condo rentals are a great solution if you are called to the area for work, settling in for a semester at school, or planning an extended getaway. Luckily, Paradise Retreats knows exactly how to cater to the needs and budgets of all visitors and offers a portfolio full of the best properties in town.

Indulge in all the Perks of Paradise Retreats Summerland Condos
Our Summerland condos are one-of-a-kind in style, design, and features. Each of the properties in our inventory has its own charm and inviting spirit. The cozy living spaces of our rentals in Summerland are full of amenities to make your stay as relaxing and enjoyable as possible. Among the luxuries included, you’ll find lavish bedrooms and bathrooms, comfortable furnishings, fully equipped kitchens with modern detailing and appliances, outdoor living spaces where you can immerse yourself in the beauty and harmony of the area, plus much more.

Get the Ultimate Summerland Experience

Although described by many as a quaint, sleepy beach town, Summerland offers a variety of ways for visitors to spend their time. Everything is conveniently accessible by foot, which gives you the opportunity to soak up even more sun and relish in your peaceful surroundings. Make sure to check out the waves at Summerland Beach, the scenery at Lookout Park, and the vibrant sights and sounds of the McLeod Parrot Menagerie. There are also many antique shops and boutique stores full of unique treasures, as well as restaurants that any foodie can appreciate.

Paradise Retreats Delivers the Perfect Summerland Stay

Paradise Retreats has the answers to all your Summerland accommodation requests. Our long-term condo rentals in Summerland allow you to experience the region like a permanent local resident and get a real feel of what life is like along the Southern California coastline. Our reservation specialists are available to help you locate a property that is a suitable match to your individual requirements.