Choose Long-Term Home Rentals in Santa Barbara, CA!

Whether you find yourself wanting to stay in Santa Barbara for work, school, or simply an exciting change of pace, there are a bevy of options for long-term renting for those who are interested. However, not all the home rentals Santa Barbara, CA offers are made equal; many long-term rental providers use Santa Barbara’s fantastic climate and attractive location as an excuse to raise prices without delivering the quality to back it up.

Rather than shell out money for subpar accommodations during your time in our lovely city, why not stay in a place that truly feels like a home away from home? At Paradise Retreats, we pride ourselves on offering only the best of Santa Barbara’s unbelievably gorgeous properties, with ample amenities and convenient locations that make our rental prices more than worth the costs. Read on to learn more about how Paradise Retreats can help you make the most of long-term living with our homes in Santa Barbara, CA!

Why Long-Term Home Rentals in Santa Barbara with Paradise Retreats Are a Smart Choice

Santa Barbara is an extremely desirable locale for year-round living, making the property values here sometimes a little too costly in terms of purchasing a home. However, long-term rental homes in Santa Barbara, CA like the ones provided by Paradise Retreats are infused with the same finesse and elegance as their neighboring properties, all for a much cheaper and realistic cost.

When you rent for the long term with Paradise Retreats, you can have the same high-class, luxurious amenities as the average home in Santa Barbara—and let us be the first to tell you that the “average” home here is anything but! From custom-built features like gourmet kitchens with granite countertops and stainless steel appliances, to unbeatable ocean views that will make everyday living feel like a vacation, the home rentals Santa Barbara, CA offers are the ideal choice for long-term living in this colorful and charming city.

Explore the Best of Santa Barbara with Paradise Retreats!

There are many good reasons why Santa Barbara continues to draw in so many people. Between the city’s laid-back beachside college town vibe, its entrepreneurial spirit that focuses on local customers, and its rapidly-expanding popularity, Santa Barbara never ceases to amaze, making it a perfect place to live for those who love life and have a sense of adventure.

Contact our reservations team at Paradise Retreats today to learn more about the incredible rental homes that we have available for you in sunny Santa Barbara!