Long-Term Condo Rentals in Solvang, CA

Solvang offers a unique Southern California experience. The city gives off a vibe that’s vastly different from the beach communities that surround it, largely in part due to its strong influence from Danish culture. Whether business or pleasure is taking you to the Santa Barbara region for an extended stay, there are countless reasons to consider making Solvang your home base. You can’t help but be happy in a place that is reminiscent of the holiday season year-round. The streets are lined with colorful architecture, the night comes alive with twinkling lights, and the smell of freshly baked goods wafts through the air on a daily basis. If a long-term condo rental is what you’re seeking, Paradise Retreats has the perfect solution.

What to Expect from Long-Term Condo Rentals in Solvang, CA

Because of their small square footage and steep prices, hotels are typically not conducive for long stays, which makes private rentals the better way to go. Our upscale Solvang condos provide a high level of comfort and deluxe amenities so that you always feel right at home. Spacious kitchens, media centers, outdoor living areas, and private pools are just a handful of the type of features you can expect to be waiting for you when you arrive.

What’s Nearby
Being a smaller town, Solvang can easily be explored by foot wherever you wish to go. Boutique shops and antique stores are in abundance, as are delectable dining options. Despite its quaint size and feel, the city offers plenty to occupy your time. Horseback riding and wine tasting are favorite activities among both locals and visitors. You can find several wineries in the region providing samples of some of California’s best reds and whites. While you’re here don’t miss out on the Hans Christian Andersen or Wildling museums, and be sure to check out the Gaviota Peak and Nojoqui Falls hikes for a glimpse of stunning scenery. Participating in water adventures at Cachuma Lake Recreation Area is also a must when in Solvang.

Enjoy Your Stay on a Higher Level with Paradise Retreats
Our property specialists at Paradise Retreats will be happy to help you choose the best Solvang condos for your stay. We want you to have an unforgettable experience no matter the occasion that brought you into town, and achieving this all starts with the accommodations you select. Contact us to learn more about our properties and to reserve your dates of travel.