Are you planning on moving to Santa Barbara? If so, we can help you find the best long term rentals around! But, if you’re still on the fence, you may want to learn more about the area. Fortunately, Santa Barbara and its surrounding areas is quite possibly one of the most beautiful regions in all the world, and when you live here, every day is a new adventure. Breathtaking scenery, moderate temperatures year-round, great schools, and friendly neighbors all combine together to create a paradise you just won’t find anywhere else on earth. Read on to learn more about why you are going to love living in Santa Barbara, as well as to find out all the amazing things to do in Santa Barbara!

What to Do While Living in Santa Barbara

Our indoor/outdoor lifestyle means you will never be at a loss for things to do in Santa Barbara. Imagine waking up nearly every morning to the sun shining brightly in clear blue skies above a view of the Pacific Ocean crashing against picturesque rocky bluffs; would you really want to stay inside?

Why would you, when you could spend your day exploring the 78 acres of our Santa Barbara Botanic Garden, discovering everything there is to know about flora and fauna that is natural to your new hometown, or spend your off days hiking the Douglas Family Preserve, perfecting your surfing skills at one of our many local beaches—outdoors is where all the fun is at!

For those who prefer arts and culture, you can get your cardio in while walking through the many museums and historic homes that dot the area. Santa Barbara’s history is a rich and fascinating one that goes back almost 13,000 years (something your children will learn all about in the history classes offered by our excellent schools!). Spend your evenings dining in delicious restaurants that serve the freshest seafood around, and follow that up with a night at the theater. The Lobero Theater, originally established in 1873, has been the premiere spot to go to for music, dance, comedy, and films for over a century now, and once you step through the arched entrances and catch your first glimpse of the red velvet seats, we think you will find it difficult to visit any other theater in the region—it’s that special!

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Santa Barbara is the kind of town people move to and never leave. Schedule an appointment with us today to discover the rental home of your dreams and experience for yourself the perfect beauty that is Santa Barbara!