As a parent considering a major move for your family, you are always going to be faced with the fears that you may be doing something that could cause harm or distress to your child. We are parents ourselves, we get it. You worry they won’t be able to make new friends and will hate you forever, but you also worry that when they do find new friends, they won’t be a good influence on your angels. You worry that too much California sun will give them skin cancer, you won’t be able to afford to give them an allowance—the list of worries is endless, but the one fear that really stands out is the fear of moving to a bad school system and potentially keeping your children from being able to attend that Ivy League college you’ve always dreamed of for them! So before we go any further, let us state right now: Our Santa Barbara schools are among the best in the country and are most likely better than the ones your children are in now, unless you already live in Santa Barbara, of course!

The Details

Our town has 20 kindergarten through 12th grade school districts and two community college districts, so even your grown children have a place to go. For a complete list of the schools, feel free to visit the Santa Barbara County Education Office website to get an idea of just what is out there for your children. The largest school district is The Santa Barbara Unified School District, which contains 26 schools, most of which rate between 7 & 9 (with the highest rating being 10) on the Great School Rating list. The four schools that have earned a perfect 10 are all elementary schools: Montecito Union School, Foothill Elementary School, Cold Spring elementary and Mountain View Elementary School. All four are located in Santa Barbara, and all four are simply amazing.

The good thing about Santa Barbara schools, however, is that ALL the schools are great ones! Our school systems care about our teachers, who in turn care about our kids. Don’t you wish all school systems worked like ours? It’s just one more item in a long list of reasons that makes Santa Barbara, California a great place to raise a family. We wouldn’t want to live anywhere else!

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