Santa Barbara, located on the coast of California, is a place where dreams come true. Beautiful weather, amazing scenery, friendly people, and an excellent school system make this coastal town the place you want to call home. And while you may not be completely ready to invest in a property and put down long term roots yet, the Santa Barbara Rental Homes market is wide open, making it a perfect place to rent a home until you are really sure about what you want to do. Paradise Retreats offers you the opportunity to settle in for a while, taking the time to really get to know Santa Barbara and the surrounding cities before you take the final plunge. Have we caught your attention yet? Trust us; whether you live here already or you’re a newcomer, Santa Barbara is the perfect place to live – and we here at Paradise Retreats Management can provide you with the Santa Barbara Long Term Rentals that you desire! Click below to see our listings, or contact us today to learn more!

The City

Santa Barbara is a city with a long, rich, and colorful history filled with conquistadors, explorers, and human inhabitation dating back 13,000 years. Today, the scenic back drop of the Pacific Ocean crashing against cliffs and beaches makes it a city most people would gladly call home. The Santa Barbara school system is one of the finest in the country, making the town an excellent place to raise your family. Excellent weather year-round allows for outdoor activities throughout most of the year, hiking, biking and water activities of all sorts will keep all members of your family engaged, entertained, and out of trouble. For the history buffs and fan of architecture, Santa Barbara is home to many museums and former private homes which are open for tours. Nature lovers will enjoy hiking and biking through the Andree Clark Bird Refuge, keeping track of all the different species they might spy. And finally, everyone will love spending time at Stearns Wharf, Santa Barbara’s historic pier and the center of all that’s exciting about our fair town. Sound good to you? Then you’ll also love our Santa Barbara CA Rentals!

Our Santa Barbara CA Rentals and Rental Homes

Pure luxury and elegance is what you can expect from a Paradise Retreats rental home in Santa Barbara. Our homes are spacious and airy, filled with high end appliances, custom furnishings, and all the luxury amenities you never knew you needed. Indoor/outdoor living is the norm here, and most rentals will have hidden away outdoor entertainment spaces with panoramic views of the cliffs that surround the ocean—perfect spots to have a family dinner or just to sit with the love of your life, sipping wine and toasting yet another breathtaking California sunset.

Paradise Retreats: The Best Santa Barbara Long Term Rentals Around

When considering a move to Santa Barbara, you can rest easy knowing you don’t have to go it alone. Schedule an appointment with our great staff at Paradise Retreats and discover what life in a Santa Barbara luxury rental home can be for you. Contact us today to learn more about our Santa Barbara Long Term Rentals!